Smoothie Lovers Gift Set - Eco Jarz Aus
Smoothie Lovers Gift Set - Eco Jarz Aus

Smoothie Lovers Gift Set

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750mL Tall Jar, PopTop Sealable Drinking Jar Lid, Wide-mouth Stainless Steel Jar Band, Shaker, Stainless Steel Smoothie Straw, and Straw Cleaner

Tall, Thick Glass Jar
All-In-One Ecojarz To-Go Cup
Makes A Great Gift
• Reusable Drinking Jar Lid Made Of Non-Reactive Stainless Steel And Silicone
• Silicone Plug And Band Makes Sure That There Is NO SPILLS!
• Comes with a Wide-mouth Stainless Steel Jar Band
• Silicone Band And Plug Come In Green, Coffee, Blue, or Coral

Sixteen ounces are sexy but 24 offers so much more!  We love drinking (and eating) out of these tall jars so much we specially designed our Skinny Spoons and Straws to be 24oz tall mason jar compatible.

A high-quality 24oz tall mason jar, topped with a PopTop sealable drinking jar lid (choose: coffee or green silicone), and a jar band. Suitable for hot or cold beverages.  A perfect all-in-one gift!

They’re perfect for sipping an ice-cold smoothie, on the go or at home, and will fit in most standard-sized cup holders.