High Quality Mason Jars and Acessories

About Us


EcoJarz was started by a group of friends who just so happened to have a lot of mason jars at home. Between canning tomatoes, fermenting kraut and storing bulk grains there were jars all over the kitchen. It was only natural that all of us, like so many others out there, would constantly end up using them as drinking vessels too.  Launched in August of 2012, from an off-grid homestead called the Dacha Project in Upstate New York Ecojarz accessories evolved high quality stainless steel and silicone jar accessories. Read more of the story  here

Ecojarz US Team



Ecojarz Australia is a young family living on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland who came onboard with the US Ecojarz Team back in 2012. Being smoothie lovers that use these products daily! We have a passion to share Ecojarz here in Australia and New Zealand. As a family we strive for living sustainably and found that Ecojarz products were something that could help us and others make the switch from single use plastic items to quality reusables that can be used over, and over. What makes the products even better is it allows you to re-purpose jars you may have sitting at home.

Since 2012 we have seen a massive shift in people integrating sustainable products into their everyday lifestyle. People are making a conscious effort and supporting one another to lead a waste-less life.  We are passionate about helping you eliminate single use plastics by providing access to a range of high quality, sustainably made Ecojarz products for you to use amongst you, and your family for years to come.